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HTRI is a technology integration firm with customers ranging from price-sensitive small businesses to Fortune 100 firms and the US government. Since 1989 HTRI has provided efficient and reliable customer-specific solutions for technology and business challenges that concern two or more technologies.

The HTRI team does not need the usual reminders to think out of the box. As experts of cross-technology projects, all of our thinking is out of the box. Part of HTRI's philosophy is bringing common sense back to business. HTRI runs lean and fast, even on large projects. We focus only on those aspects of technology and business that bring rapid return on investment for our customers.

HTRI understands successful technology integration projects account for the people and culture aspects of every project. That's why our employees are screened for their personable and excellent customer-centric nature as well as their technical and project management skills. It's also why we learn and adapt to our clients' strategic intent and culture from the very start of each project. Along the way, our customers tend to find much value in the objective and impartial voice that HTRI brings to the table.

If you have a cross-technology challenge, contact HTRI as we'd love to talk with you.

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